Our no-code framework’s capabilities


The essential, yet non-exhaustive list!


A Unique Assembling Method

No Computer Science degree needed to figure out how web applications work. Our product engineers, with the assistancy of seasoned UX specialists, have designed the most intuitive method to assemble enterprise software.

The goal is simple: make sure you allways trust your intuition to get to the expected result. As simple as a powerpoint, your learning curve has been minimized to the extreme.


UX/UI, Security, Deployment & Maintenance

These are all the aspects you won’t have to worry about!

Your experience will start by picking your URL, giving your solution a name and a theme. Boom. Now the real fun begins! Assemble bricks after bricks your own software. We make sure all the functional bricks are maintained, cleaned and secure with the highest quality standards of the Enterprise SaaS world.


Implement custom algorithms and business logics

Calculation, business logics are often very important and specific aspects of your business. Thanks to our no-code framework, you will intuitively implement your own business rules.

Combining data-visualization and business process modeling, you’ll get everything you need to digitize your processes efficiently.


Beautiful, dynamic tables 


Forget everything you knew about spreadsheets! Here is a whole new user experience. User access and rights are made easy so users see exactly what they should see. No matter how large your datasets or batches to process are. Robots working!

Batch processing, calculations, dynamics fields, actionnable buttons, advanced filters, one-click data import and export. Everything has been engineered so makers can have a 360 flexibility while users digest the information in real-time.


Visualize and organize your data


Data visualization is a native capability of our no-code framework. Extract your indicators from calculated fields or tables. Select the right display for your interactive chart. Seamlessly tap into auto-generated datasets or cross-referenced sources.

Generate reports on software usage, user behavior, and more.


– Planning
– Collaborative Kanban
– Payment
– Electronic signature
– Automated document & PDF edition
– Emails, SMS and chat
– Real-time collaboration
– Mobile, tablet, desktop versioning
– Notification center and push notifications
– Etc.

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